About SWAN

The Somali Women's Advisory Network (SWAN) first opened its doors in 2003 in a small east London office with the aim of empowering and supporting a community who often felt ignored and marginalised. Somali woman although very committed to their families were often overlooked as a migrant community, and SWAN came into existence to help give them a voice.

With the changes in technology and the challenges facing the non-for profit sector, after nearly 15 years working in an east London office SWAN recently took the decision to close its office. SWAN is still available to meet any clients and has the facilities to arrange meetings, however, clients will now have to text, call, email or message us through the site. As times have changes, so too has SWAN evolved. In addition SWAN is now expanding the cases it deals with, initially focussing only on East London SWAN now works with clients and other organisations all around the United Kingdom as SWAN needed to become more accessible.

SWAN's objectives have always been to empower Somali women, to become champions and assets in the communities. Projects such as ESOL, employability, parenting skills classes are just a few that SWAN has hosted and found great success in, alongside case supports.

At a glance - our key objectives

  1. To encourage the establishment of thriving and empowered Somali community
  2. To work with all relevant service providers and professionals to offer sensitive services to the Somali community.
  3. To create a strong, pro-active partnership between existing Somali communities
  4. To raise educational achievements and opportunity of Somali students
  5. To create cultural understanding between Somali parents and children and the wider community
  6. To raise educational achievements and opportunity of Somali students

If you would like to know more about the work SWAN does, please contact us and someone will get back to you as soon as possible